Job Opportunities

In the following, you can find a list of job opportunities offered by VascAgeNet participants. The list contains currently open positions. For more details, click on each of the offers and/or contact the contact person directly. Note: The positions are neither funded by the COST Action VascAgeNet nor by the COST Association. 

2-year Scholarship at CNR, Italy

Institution/Company CNR, Institute of Clinical Physiology
Country Italy
Contact Elisabetta Bianchini (elisabetta.bianchini [at]
Position Scholarship (post-Master Degree or post-Doc, required 2 years of experience in LifeScience field)
Duration 2 years
Job title / field of work TRAILS: TRAnsfer Innovation in Life Sciences
Description TRAILS wants to integrate the knowledge of graduates/doctorates with skills/experiences that can make them active bridges between industry and research in Life Science area. This scholarship stems from the conviction that only a cultural revolution centered on integrated approach to innovation can allow the best ideas to reach the society.
Link to job advertisement
Application deadline September 18, 2020
Any other information Life Science grant suitable for VascAgeNet (TRAILS is the reference title). Good English and basic Italian language required. Contact person will be the tutor and she is available for helping in application documents.

3-year Fully funded PhD Studentship at Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

Institution/Company Cardiovascular Physiology Research Group, Cardiff Metropolitan University
Country UK
Contact Chris Pugh & Barry McDonnell (cjpugh [at], bmcdonnell [at]
Position Fully funded PhD Studentship
Duration 3 years
Job title / field of work Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology
Description The aim of the studentship is to conduct the first randomised controlled trial of the independent and combined effects of exercise training and statin therapy on blood vessel function in individuals at risk of CVD. This project will utilise cutting-edge ultrasound techniques to sensitively examine the respective cardiovascular benefit of these frontline strategies and provide novel insight into the most effective and personalised preventive treatment options to reduce CVD-risk.
Link to job advertisement
Application deadline September 11, 2020
Any other information This PhD studentship is suitable for VascAgeNet members and associated group members. Members of the Supervisory team are members of VascAgeNet, Artery Society, ISH, ESH and BIHS.
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