Related Activities and Conferences

In the following, you can find a list of activities and conferences related to VascAgeNet which are (co-)organized by VascAgeNet participants or important for the field:

Title ARTERY 20
Where Virtual
When 23-24/10/2020
Contact artery [at]
Description The ARTERY Executive and Young Investigator Committees welcomed Early Career Researcher abstract submissions dealing with all aspects of basic and clinical science related to large artery structure and function – on topics such as imaging, bioengineering, haemodynamics, epidemiology, pharmacology, treatments, preventive measures, biochemical mediators, lipids and inflammation. We will host (online) both oral and poster presentations. Virtual ARTERY 20 will provide an excellent opportunity for Early Career Researchers to interact and discuss their work with a highly informed audience. During this time of change and uncertainty, one of the benefits of Virtual ARTERY 20 is that you can access late-breaking science, catch up on education and share in ongoing conversations at times that work for you. Furthermore, the abstracts can also include multimedia files such as videos and figures that are extremely useful in Virtual meetings.
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Title ESH-ISH 2021
Where Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow, UK
When 11-14/04/2021
Description Joint ESH-ISH Meeting
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Past ones:

Title World’s 1st Symposium on Ultra High Frequency Ultrasound in Translational Research
Where Webinar – Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou 20 Rue Leblanc, 75015 Paris, France
When 10-11/09/2020
Contact Pierre Boutouyrie, Rosa-Maria Bruno (pierre.boutouyrie [at], rosa-maria.bruno [at]
Description Dear colleagues, hello. We are organizing the first international virtual conference on Ultrahigh Frequency Ultrasound in translational research with the Visualsonics/fujifilm company. This is a first multidisciplinary meeting targeting the potential applications of this new imaging technique, with special focus on vascular medicine, dermatology, rheumatology and surgery. It is now possible to access to arteries and any structure less than 1 mm diameter with a micrometric resolution for clinical and research purpose. This evolution opens wide new fields of research. Registration is free but mandatory. You are invited to attend the full meeting if possible. We draw your attention on the “hands-on live session” in which you will have a preview of realistic images of small structures. Because of COVID restrictions, we are obliged to have the whole meeting virtual (you will not be provided for virtual wine and cheese!!). We are doing our best for making this event as interactive as possible. Presentations will be followed by questions and discussion, as can be supported by the system, so do not hesitate to send or ask your questions. Timing may be suboptimal for overseas colleague. Talks will be recorded, and the content will be available later on for registered persons.
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Registration Registration is free but mandatory:
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