Today’s email to all VascAgeNet participants:

“Dear all,

Hope this email finds you well and healthy! First of all, thanks to everybody and especially to the ones involved in medical care keeping all countries running and trying to relieve the current challenge!

Even though, there are currently a lot of measures restricting our private and working lives, our COST Action VascAgeNet goes on as planned. There are currently no planned physical meetings, thus these are not affected by the recommendations by the COST Association (see The COST Association currently recommends “to suspend physical meetings and the cancellation of trainings schools and STSMs till 03/04 (as a minimum)”. Anyway, we should proceed with the working group activities using online tools! Let’s try to keep the spirit and the momentum of the last weeks of our COST Action and of the Paris meeting.

We are aware that some activities from our Cost Action might be affected by Covid-19 in the next Grant Period starting from the 1st of May (e.g., STSMs, ITC Grants, training school). We are monitoring the situation constantly! A first action is to postpone the planned opening of calls for applications for STSMs and ITC Grants, since currently it is no possible to realistically plan travels and conference visits for the next weeks/months. Anyway, everything for the calls is prepared and we will launch it as soon as possible. We keep you updated.

If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Stay healthy and take care! Let’s keep moving together!

Best regards,


Christopher, on behalf of the VascAgeNet Core Group”

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