VM Grants

The objective of our project and network is to refine, harmonise and promote the use of vascular ageing measures, in order to improve clinical practice and to reduce the burden of CVD globally. One of the new activities to reach these ambitious objectives are Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants. 

Aim: Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants aim at strengthening the existing network VascAgeNet by allowing scientists to foster collaboration in a virtual setting, to exchange knowledge, learn new techniques, disseminate Action results, etc. VM Grants are a new tool for virtual activities.

The VM Grants should specifically contribute to reaching the research coordination and capacity building objectives objectives of the VascAgeNet COST Action (see VascAgeNet Objectives). These activities may include surveys, questionnaires or preparation of protocols, virtual mentoring of activities that can generate capacity, build new skills, creating new strategies, etc. VM applications need to show how they can support the COST Action in achieving its research coordination and capacity building objectives and take into account the COST Policy and Rules with particular attention on Inclusiveness and Excellence.

Special considerations will be made with respect to supporting COST policies and rules on

The call for VM Grants is closed! All information about the application process, and evaluation rules with mandatory and additional ranking criteria can be found here: VascAgeNet VM Grant Eligibility Rules.

Grant Awarding Coordinator: Ioana Mozos (see section on the VascAgeNet Team)

VNS Committee:
  • Christopher C. Mayer (AT)
  • Elisabetta Bianchini (IT)
  • Bernhard Hametner (AT)
  • Jordi Alastruey-Arimon (UK)
  • Dimitris Terentes-Printzios (GR)
  • Rosa Maria Bruno (FR)
  • Rachel Climie (FR/AU)
  • Giacomo Pucci (IT)
  • Milica Vukicevic (RS)
  • Chloe Park (UK)
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