Number CA18216
Acronym VascAgeNet
Full Title Network for Research in Vascular Ageing
Memorandum of Understanding 033/19
Link to COST website https://www.cost.eu/actions/CA18216

Important Dates

CSO Approval date 04/06/2019
Start of Action 05/11/2019
End of Action 04/11/2023

Main Contacts (see VascAgeNet Team)

Action Chair Christopher Mayer
Action Vice Chair Elisabetta Bianchini
Science Communication Coordinator Chloe Park
Vice Science Communication Coordinator Milica Vukicevic
Grant Awarding & ITC Grant Manager Ioana Mozos
STSM Manager Giacomo Pucci
Training Coordinator Andrea Guala
Science Officer Deniz Karaca
Administrative Officer Andrea Tortajada

For contact details of Management Positions and WG Leaders, see VascAgeNet Team.

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