Important Dates


Number CA18216
Acronym VascAgeNet
Full Title Network for Research in Vascular Ageing
Memorandum of Understanding 033/19
Link to COST website https://www.cost.eu/actions/CA18216
CSO Approval date 04/06/2019
Start of Action 05/11/2019
End of Action 04/11/2023

Main Contacts (see VascAgeNet Team)

Action Chair Christopher Mayer
Action Vice Chair Elisabetta Bianchini
Science Communication Coordinator Chloe Park
Vice Science Communication Coordinator Milica Vukicevic
Grant Awarding & ITC Grant Manager Ioana Mozos
STSM Manager Giacomo Pucci
Training Coordinator Andrea Guala

For contact details of Management Positions and WG Leaders, see VascAgeNet Team.

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