VascAgeNet builds a network that will uniquely bring together stakeholders who have used methods for assessing vascular ageing in various patient groups and studies, with researchers and companies that have developed and can further enhance measurement methods. It entails (i) formation of an inclusive network of researchers and industry, and (ii) systematic collation and interpretation of the largest-ever agglomeration of vascular ageing data in Europe. These unique and timely resources enable the most up-to-date, evidence-based consideration of vascular ageing to be included in next generation techniques, screening and treatment guidelines.

VascAgeNet enables effective exchange and wider transdisciplinary learning (both interdisciplinary and intersectoral). Thus, it opens the possibility to exchange knowledge and data from different research studies/projects at European and international level, to jointly develop new ideas and initiatives. It connects European and worldwide experts with the next generation of ECIs, actively involved in the development and implementation of technology for vascular ageing assessment. VascAgeNet enables the exchange of knowledge, joint development of ideas and research projects, data exchange and scientific publications, thereby, raising research on vascular ageing to a higher level. Hence, the VascAgeNet aims to facilitate activities of existing societies in promoting vascular aging by providing an umbrella for joint efforts.

VascAgeNet offers various opportunities beyond active participation in the COST Action:

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