World Vascular Ageing Week 2022

Welcome to World Vascular Ageing Week 2022

Thank you for taking part in World Vascular Ageing Week 2022

This is a FUN and FREE event that does not involve any fundraising.
Our aim is to raise awareness for the life source of your body, your blood vessels.

It is very easy to take part, follow these instructions and complete these 3 simple steps:

  • Take a photo/selfie of what you do to keep your heart and blood vessels heathy
  • Upload your photo to social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) from May16th-May20th
  • Tag VascAgeNet and ARTERY in your photo and use the hashtags #vascularage22


Throughout the week we will focus on key topics related to vascular ageing. Each day we will post new information about each topic.


What will you post? Here are some ideas

Thank you and top tips

Thank you for helping to raise awareness for vascular ageing!

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