Triumphant third VascAgeNet Webinar!

Today, the third VascAgeNet webinar on “How can I measure vascular ageing and who benefits most from the measurements of vascular ageing?” was successfully delivered by Dr Rosa Maria Bruno (INSERM, Paris). In her talk, Rosa Maria Bruno firstly discussed the methods, strengths and limitations of the biomarkers commonly used to assess arterial ageing. Secondly, she discussed the importance of measuring vascular age including how it can improve risk stratification, especially in patients at low-moderate risk, the young/elderly and those with pre-existing conditions including kidney and inflammatory diseases.

Some highlights can be seen in the following figure:

Stay tuned for the next webinars! In September (9th of September, 2020 at 12 p.m. CET (noon)), Prof. Peter Nilsson will give insights on the questions “Why do some people display early vascular ageing and how can I modify my vascular age?”

Today’s recorded webinar:

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