Informative MC meeting & virtual tour of Timisoara

Informative MC meeting followed by a virtual tour of Timisoara, the next 2023 European Capital of Culture. Thank you for organising this great social event Ioana Mozos and Nicole Schmidt (The Interactivist).

You might remember the first Virtual Social Event from June last year, where we virtually visited Vienna, Austria. This year, we went East and explored the beautiful Romanian city of Timisoara, the next 2023 European Capital of Culture and home to our dear Ioana Mozos! We were again supported by our tour guide Nicole, the Interactivist, who has already facilitated several virtual events for us.

Along with learning about the city’s main sights, culinary treats, and engaging in some trivia, the main goal of the evening was to have time to chat and network with our fellow Action partners in numerous breakout sessions.
Everybody used the chance to bring drinks and snacks or family members – it was really meant to be an entertaining and fun evening with network partners & friends!

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