Second successful VascAgeNet webinar!

Today, the second VascAgeNet webinar on “Basic Vascular Mechanics” was successfully delivered by Koen Reesink (Maastricht University). In his talk, Koen Reesink  presented an introduction to basic vascular mechanics. Firstly, he discussed the structure and function of arteries, providing details of how we characterize them. Secondly, he discussed the interpretation of measurements of vascular mechanics, considering applications and complications such as pressure dependence, follow-up measurements, and the relationship between tissue and vessel scales.

Stay tuned for the next webinars! In July (8th of July, 2020 at 11 a.m. CET), Dr. Rosa Maria Bruno will give insights on the questions “How can I measure vascular ageing and who benefits most from the measurements of vascular ageing?”

Today’s recorded webinar:

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