Virtual MC Meeting

On Tuesday 17th of June 2020, we had a virtual MC Meeting with around 50 participants. Our last physical MC Meeting was already some weeks ago (February 2020, Paris). Since then although we were all affected by the current pandemic, a lot of activities took place (e.g., WG activities, online meetings, webinars, budget planning for the current Grant Period, Thank you video), some were postponed (e.g., call for application for STSM grants and ITC grants), and some might undergo some changes (e.g., the training school, physical meetings). Thus, we as CORE group organized a virtual MC Meeting not only for MC Members, but as well for all MC Substitutes, to update all on ongoing activities and the current status, and to have a lot of time for questions & answers.

The meeting was a great success and included presentations about the general status of our COST Action VascAgeNet, about ongoing activities, the status of STSM and ITC Grants, an update on the science and communication strategies, and an update from each working group. For all presentations, enough time for Q&As was available and used for great interaction by the MC Members/Substitutes and the CORE Group. Thanks for the active participation!

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