Successful co-organization of Artery 23

We just returned from the Artery 23 conference, which we have co-organized with the Artery Society and DeGAG. The conference was a full success especially due to all the contributions by and the participation of VascAgeNet participants. Thanks a lot and it was great meeting at the conference!

Some highlights were the following sessions and invited talks organized by VascAgeNet:

  • The VascAgeNet Roundtable “Translational Science in Vascular Ageing” with four presentations on (1) “The view from basic science and research – animal models/modelling” by Dr Lynn Roth, University of Antwerp, Belgium; (2) “The view on innovative (registry-based) clinical trials” by Prof. Pierre Boutouyrie, Inserm, France; (3) “The view on regulation and digital tools” by
    Dr Vincenzo Gemignani, Italian National Research Council, Italy; and (4) “The view from industry” by Achim Schwarz, ALF Distribution GmbH, Germany. The roundtable was moderated by VascAgeNet Chairs Elisabetta Bianchini and Christopher C. Mayer
  • The Invited Lecture “Morphological features in the photoplethysmogram and their relation to blood pressure” by Prof. Panicos Kyriacou, University of London, UK
  • The Invited Lecture “Real time simulation of personalized cardiovascular models” by Dr Soroush Safaei, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

We want to further thank all VascAgeNet members (Jordi Alastruey-Arimon, Rosa-Maria Bruno, Rachel Climie, Bernhard Hametner, Christopher Mayer, Chloe Park, Giacomo Pucci, Dimitrios Terentes-Printzios, Areti Triantafyllou) participating in the Scientific Committee and chairing various sessions of the conference!

Furthermore, chairs Elisabetta Bianchini and Christopher C. Mayer were elected as Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee of the Artery Society. Congrats!

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