Virtual Vienna Tour

The virtual networking continues! Thank you for the virtual Vienna tour and for all the active participation!

On Wednesday (25/06/2021), we did a virtual tram tour through Vienna. Our “tram drivers” Nicole (The Interactivist) and Christopher (Chair of VascAgeNet) guided the participants through Vienna. Nicole presented in the interactive tour lots of information about the history of Vienna with a special focus on medical aspects and the history of wine making, and introduced some culinary aspects like the history of the famous Sacher cake, the tradition of coffee shops, and how to correctly mix a “Spritzer” (i.e. a white wine spritz).

The virtual tram ride through Vienna allowed a lot of social interaction, which suffered a lot in the last months due to the pandemics, as participants were “using” the tram in randomly assigned pairs in break-out-sessions. Finally, the whole virtual tour ended at one of the famous Viennese “Heuriger” (i.e. a tavern) with a a stunning view over Vienna and some great wine tavern music!

Thanks, Nicole, the tour was a blast!

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